. Mu Episodes X5000 season 6 mới open hôm nay nhiều phần quà hấp dẫn chờ đón bạn

Season 6
MU nguyên bản Webzen
Non Reset
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.  Mu Episodes X5000 ra mắt máy chủ mới X5000 season 6 Custom season 6
. Mu Episodes X5000 ra mắt máy chủ mới X5000 season 6 Custom season 6
Alpha Test: 18/11/2023 - 18h:00
Open Beta: 18/11/2023 - 18h:00
(Đã open 101 ngày)

Giới thiệu máy chủ MU . Mu Episodes X5000

Leveling Speed Rate: Fast, 5000x;
Items Drop Rate: 30%;
Rarity Items Drop Rate: Normal;
Max Stats: 65 000;
Stats Points per Level: 5-7 for all Characters;
Events: In-game Events, Community Events;
Restarts: Never! No wipes, restarts, clear characters, or accounts. One game, one progress for all updates forever!
Reset System: Burn all your levels to get free 10 W Coins, Hunt & RUUD Points;
Master Reset System: Burn 100 resets & characteristics to get additional free 1 000 W Coins, Hunt & RUUD Points;

Basic Info
Easy and fun game-play without lags, bugs, or cheats, constant updates, and improvements with professional developers behind the server.
Game FPS Update – Our game supports 30+ FPS! The game feels a lot more smooth. Say goodbye to MU lags and low fps, which you can find on most servers.
HD Game Resolutions – HD Resolutions supported up to 1920 x 1080. Say goodbye to old MU pixel quality.
Multi-Client Instances – You can use unlimited game client instances open with the fixed lag issues while pressing CTRL to PK.
Right-Click Enabled – Right-click on items to move items quickly in your inventory, warehouse, or when you are trading.
Advanced Stats – Displaying accurate characteristics of every character class depending on the Set Equipment, Character Stats Points, and Buffs..
Reconnect System, Offlevel, Offtrade, Autoreset, New Locations, New Monsters, New Items, New Options... All in one stable Season 6 server


Tên MU Alpha test Open beta
season 6 99999x Drop 65%
Test ngày mai (17h) 01/03/24 (13h)
season 6 99999x Drop 50%
01/03/24 (19h) 01/03/24 (20h)
season 6 100x Drop 10%
Đang test Open ngày mai (13h)
season 6 300x Drop 20%
26/02/24 Mới open
season 6 300x Drop 20%
Đang test Open ngày mai (13h)